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Monday, June 15, 2015

Heart Attack Patients Receive Lasting Cardiovascular Solutions With A-1 Home Care

In today’s stressed-out and fattened-up America, it seems that heart attacks are becoming more common by the day. One of the biggest factors for heart attacks is advancing age, because many seniors have a propensity to have years of plaque build-up in the walls of their heart and surrounding arteries.
When one of these arteries or heart structures gets too overwhelmed from all the plaque build-up that’s keeping blood from flowing freely through it, it will rupture in the form of a heart attack.
Heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases in general can be very frightening for any senior patient, but we at A-1 Home Care can help surviving heart attack victims get back on their feet—oftentimes literally—with our leading heart attack care options that extend throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County communities.

When someone suffers from an initial heart attack, his/her immediate risk for incurring another rises because the heart is scarred from the first attack, which makes the heart weaker and more susceptible. But A-1 Home Care offers a variety of different home care options to help make a return heart attack less likely, such as healthy meal preparation, encouraging increased exercise routines, and helping patients cease existing unhealthy habits like smoking.
We also offer 24 hour live-in home care services for all patients who require continual supervision, as well as help with things such as light housecleaning, personal care and hygiene, and transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and other existing engagements.

For more information about A-1 Home Care and why a second heart attack is never as likely when you have one of our senior care providers with you, give us a call today at (310) 657-8780 or check out one of our offices in cities like Pasadena, Los Alamitos, Beverly Hills, Corona Del Mar, and Century City today!